About Us


Our Aims Are...

To create a friendly, non-judgemental atmosphere where people can discover their own divinity, where freedom of thought, self expression and confidence in one’s own uniqueness can grow.

To demonstrate and prove that life continues after physical death by the communication with loved ones and friends who have passed whenever possible.

To invite various speakers to share their knowledge and experiences.


What happens during Our Service?

We have an opening prayer, sing songs to build up the vibrations.  Healing Meditations/Hands on Healing is offered. 

There is an opportunity for all persons present to share their spiritual and personal experiences.

We do ask for silence during our Healing Prayers/Meditations, while our Guest speaker is giving their address and also any spiritual demonstration, as many messages are channelled from Spirit.

We invite all to join us after the service for Tea, Coffee and a chat if you wish.


Services begin 5.00pm Sundays


Church Services at the CWA Hall will resume on Sunday 7th March 2020.

As attendance numbers in Community Halls are strictly limited admission via an EventBrite ticket is required. This can be obtained by following the link on our FaceBook page,


Regretfully, the FaceBook lives will be discontinued for the time being  

Grieving Help

Whilst we don't have a counselor at Campbelltown Spiritual Church, we thought it would be best to add some numbers of some local places that may be able to help you in your time of need. 

W.I.L.M.A. Womens Health Centre Bugden Pl, Campbelltown NSW 2560

(02) 4627 2955

Lifeline Macarthur 13 11 14


Campbelltown Spiritual Church