Campbelltown Spiritualist



Code of Conduct


The purpose of this Code of Conduct is to develop and implement guidelines for appropriate behaviour that are acceptable to both members and visitors.

We as individuals of the Campbelltown Spiritualist Church are expected to conduct ourselves in an orderly manner in accordance with the Church guidelines.


  1. People are expected to be courteous and respectful to other members and visitors at all times, and give the same respect you expect to receive.

  2. Members to be aware that their truths are their perceptions and also be aware that they may influence others. Members eliminate all forms of discrimination.
  3. Members are not to use their position in the church to exert inappropriate behaviour or for personal gain.Members are expected to report suspected corrupt or fraudulent practices of others.
  4. Members and visitors must have approval before disclosing any confidential information or making official comment.
  5. All must co-operate with safety monitoring of all unsafe practices and harmful situations, especially when children are present.


Campbelltown Spiritual Church