Postal: PO Box 600x, Leumeah, NSW, 2560


         Phone: Maxine - 02 9826 7330



Venue: CWA Hall, King St, Campbelltown, NSW, 2560


* Suggestions and feedback welcome. *

* Your privacy is respected. *

*We are always looking for inspiration*

*Here's your chance to send us your story, which may be placed into our Church newsletter. You can be anonymous if you wish, your stories will be read by some members of the Church committee prior to placing in the newsletter. Include a photo for your story if you like.

* Suggest a song for our song books. We have suggestions from time to time that members of the church would like to hear some new songs. If you know a song that you think would be great to hear at church, please let us know.

Sunday Service from 5pm

Join us afterwards for tea, coffee and biscuits

Campbelltown Spiritual Church






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